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gLib2D is a C library by Geecko that aims to be a simple, lightweight wrapper around the PSPGU module functions. As a result, it's fast and simple to use without requiring too much boilerplate code. It has been specifically designed to replace the old graphics.c (graphics.h) file found in many PSP homebrew tutorials.


As a single include file, the glib2d.c and its header file can be dropped directly into your main project. At the top of your main file, add:

#include "glib2d.h"


Load a PNG File

Note that while most examples show loading the bare filename, in practice I found this to be problematic. An easy way to load an absolute path is by adding some macros to the top:

#define ROOT "ms0:/PSP/GAME/" TITLE "/"

We can now stuff the ROOT macro into the path. In order to successfully locate the PNG file, it must be located in the ROOT path. The "swizzle" parameter tells the PSP to load the image via a faster-use method:

g2dTexture* tex = _g2dTexLoadPNG(ROOT "filename.png", G2D_SWIZZLE);