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This is a list of tools used frequently in homebrew software development. Some are console-specific, while others can be used for multiple consoles.


  • Aseprite - Non-free at $14.99, but good software for sprite and pixel art
  • YY-CHR - Originally developed to edit NES sprites, YY-CHR can also be used for SNES, Genesis, PCE, Game Gear, WonderSwan, Gameboy/GBC, MSX 1 and 2, NeoGeoPocket, Sega Master System, and Game Boy Advance. Supports plugins. Written in C#, with an older C++ version available.
  • GrafX2 - Drawing program inspired directly by Deluxe Paint


  • FamiTracker - Free Windows music tracker for the NES/Famicom systems
  • Deflemask - Free cross-platform tracker for Mega Drive/Genesis, Master System, Game Boy, PCE, NES, C64, Sega X/Y
  • MilkyTracker - Free cross-platform tracker for editing MOD and XM formats (mostly Amiga)
  • AHX - Tracker for creating C-64 style chiptunes (SID emulation), with both PC and Amiga versions available